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Blog? Me? No way!  Blogging has been something I knew I should be doing but have avoided like the plague, kicking and screaming.  As a small business owner, New Moon Magick-Enchanted Chocolates, I’m already crazy busy with advertising, social media and websites.    Never mind making the chocolates, potions, researching vintage jewelry, shipping, running the shop and an Open Market.

So why today?  I wasn’t sure exactly what inspired this morning epiphany, so I checked out the words of Arlan Wise, one of my 2 favorite island astrologers.   Aha, it all makes sense.   Moon is in Virgo (a Mercury ruled day) and Mercury just went direct!  Mercury rules communication, commerce, thinking and going direct is a time for launching new projects. Thanks for that clarification Arlan!  Check out her monthly forecast at http://www.arlanwise.com  She lives up to her name.

In all honesty, there is 1 more factor I should mention- my chocolate cauldron is nearly empty and no deliveries till later today.   Only 40 lbs of chocolate at hand tweaks  my sense of security, peace of mind.   Less than 20 lbs. in the kitchen absolutely drives me to distraction and beyond, in this case to blogging.

So here’s to Mercury direct, facing a long avoided endeavor and sharing my varied interests with old and new friends and to the occasional bare cupboard!

Now off to make the Butter Crunch 🙂




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