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Our season starts each year by setting up at the Brimfield Antiques Show in Brimfield Ma. to both buy and sell.  We look forward to our return to the sights and sounds of Brimfield and what we love most are the endless possibilities of it all.  We never know what and who we will encounter-simply driving there one morning our path was crossed by a bobcat!

Firstly the people we chance to meet are amazing.  There is such a wide array, dealers and shoppers from all over the world and all walks of life.  Brimfield is great theater, the perfect arena for people watching. It is fascinating to spy the interactions of vendors, the negotiation of a sale, or just watch the colorful crowd go by, each carrying their new found treasures.

Brimfield is considered the largest out door antique flea market in the world. It runs along nearly a mile of Route 20, which is flanked by 23 different fields, containing thousands of dealers.  From junk to museum quality antiques- If you want it, you can find it here at Brimfield.   I never cease to be amazed by variety of collections and curious objects to be found.

This season we introduced our delicious Fudge to Brimfield and it has been well received by the crowds. We offer 5 different flavors; Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Penuche, Penuche with Pecans and Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl.  Returning favorites include our popular chocolate covered confections made with our 70% cacao dark chocolate; Almonds with M.V. Sea Salt, Blueberries, Cashews, Cape Cod Cranberries, Pie In the Sky Espresso Beans with M.V. Sea Salt and Malt Balls.   Route 20 Trail Mix is a popular healthy snack to keep you fortified for the day’s shopping marathon.

may 2016 proof

When we aren’t making chocolates, we indulge our other passion- vintage costume jewelry.  Come see our fun selection of pretty shiny things including sterling silver,  Dorothy Bauer, Juliana, Weiss and Miriam Haskell.  Visit us at Sturtevant’s South,  have a sweet treat and carpe bling!



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Blog? Me? No way!  Blogging has been something I knew I should be doing but have avoided like the plague, kicking and screaming.  As a small business owner, New Moon Magick-Enchanted Chocolates, I’m already crazy busy with advertising, social media and websites.    Never mind making the chocolates, potions, researching vintage jewelry, shipping, running the shop and an Open Market.

So why today?  I wasn’t sure exactly what inspired this morning epiphany, so I checked out the words of Arlan Wise, one of my 2 favorite island astrologers.   Aha, it all makes sense.   Moon is in Virgo (a Mercury ruled day) and Mercury just went direct!  Mercury rules communication, commerce, thinking and going direct is a time for launching new projects. Thanks for that clarification Arlan!  Check out her monthly forecast at http://www.arlanwise.com  She lives up to her name.

In all honesty, there is 1 more factor I should mention- my chocolate cauldron is nearly empty and no deliveries till later today.   Only 40 lbs of chocolate at hand tweaks  my sense of security, peace of mind.   Less than 20 lbs. in the kitchen absolutely drives me to distraction and beyond, in this case to blogging.

So here’s to Mercury direct, facing a long avoided endeavor and sharing my varied interests with old and new friends and to the occasional bare cupboard!

Now off to make the Butter Crunch 🙂



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